Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weed Man Lawn Care June Newsletter

Check out our newsletter that we sent to our customers at Weed Man Lawn Care about a week ago.  There are some great tips in here on mosquitoes, the benefits of turf and some great things we have done at Weed Man for our troops.

New Hopper Pattern...Thunder thighs

I am always searching for new fly patterns to tie create but also find and utilize others creative ability.  I found this awesome foam grass hopper pattern and immediately had to tie up a half dozen.  They are fun and relatively easy to tie.  They should work great on my trip to Montana in early September.  Here is the link in which I found the pattern:

Here are some different angles of my first attempt, they are fun to tie!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fishing report from Memorial Day

I went out fishing with an old friend from Montana and his two sons.  This was their first trip to the driftless area, but I am sure it will not be their last.  We had a blast catching scores of browns and brookies.  In fact, Bill and myself went out on Saturday and caught about 100 fish in 7 hours, nothing huge but tons of fun.  It was some of best dry fly fishing I have seen with fish rising to a large slate colored dun in the size 12-14 range...really fun.  Should have taken pics...but was lazy.  Now that the heat has set in, I plan on heading north this weekend to go slam some bass on the 8wt!  I will try and bring back pics this time.  Stay cool.