Monday, November 7, 2016

Practice Lake-Friendly Leaf Management

This fall, show your love for our lakes by keeping leaves out of the street gutter in front of your home.  Instead, use the leaves that fall on your property to improve the health and beauty of your yard.

Learn about 3 ways to use your leaves this fall - just click "Read More"!

Mulch fallen leaves into your grass with a lawnmower.  Your lawn will love it!

Use leaves to mulch around trees, shrubs and garden plantings.
You can even top dress the leaves with bark mulch for that nice finished look.

Compost your leaves in a composting bin or in a designated area of your yard. Leaf compost is an inexpensive substitute for peat moss that can increase water-holding capacity of soils by 50%.

If you have more leaves than you can use, be sure to dispose of them correctly by following the rules of your local municipality.

Through the Yahara CLEAN Strategic Plan for Phosphorus Reduction, our community has set the goal of preventing 4,100 pounds of phosphorus runoff into our lakes through urban leaf management by 2025. With one pound of phosphorus capable of producing 500 pounds of algae, those reductions could have a huge impact on our lakes. We appreciate your support!


  1. Thanks! I'VE done this for years and am glad for the reinforcement of my plan!

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  3. Thanks for these suggestions! My husband I just moved into a home, and there is a giant tree in the backyard. I'm really excited to have such a pretty backyard, but I am a little concerned about what is going to happen when Fall comes around. I don't really want to be out there everyday raking, but I also don't want to be overrun with leaves!

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