Friday, April 12, 2013

De Thatching vs Aerating, Voles and More Spring Lawn Care Tips

With last year having the worst drought in close to 100 years there has been a lot of attention on what to do to help turf and your home lawn recover.  We have had multiple media outlets reach out to us for help and education.  

Terry was on NBC 15 last week to help with the education, good piece.  

For the second week of my weekly spring lawn care tips with 1310 WIBA we focused on discussions on de thatching vs aerating, voles and how to help your lawn bounce back as fast as possible.  

Click Here to listen to the broadcast for some great tips and advice.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring weekly segment with WIBA radio for lawn care tips

Check out the first weekly segment on lawn care tips this Spring with me on WIBA.  I spent time discussing the impact of the drought of 2012, what you can do this spring to help your lawn recover and things like snow mold and its impact on your lawn.

Click Here to listen to the Podcast