Wednesday, February 23, 2011

North Woods: Land Away From Lawns

This weekend Nicole, Dawson and I are heading up north to our family cabin near Manitowish Waters.  I find it a little ironic that as spring is starting to show a few signs of life occasionally that we choose to go further north back into the deep winter.  This all despite the fact that no one wants spring to come faster than me.  A winter trip north is always good for the soul as it so quiet and relaxing.  I will probably do some ice fishing for walleye.  This is also ironic because I am an avid fly fisherman that tends to have a bit of distaste (but not actual taste, love to eat 'em) for fishing walleye fishing due to the nature how boring it is to me to jig for walleyes.  My brother in law and his family were up north a month or so ago and he was able to pull 3-25" walleyes through the ice in front of our place.  Now you understand why it tweaked my interest.  However, my version of ice fishing is a far cry from the die hards.  My idea of ice fishing involves me sitting comfortably in the cabin playing cards, drinking some adult beverages and waiting for a flag to pop on the tip ups.  It will certainly be nice to get back up there as I don't believe we have been up there since July as a 9 month old tends to hamper your travel plans.  This will be a welcome break right as we start our craziest time of the year in lawn care: March through May.  I always welcome the spring for breaking old man winter's back, my wife's birthday :), the start to trout season and the start of our busy lawn care season.  Before you know it we will be talking about how to combat snow mold and get your lawn jump started again. 

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