Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Opening day of trout season means the opening of spring

I know that spring doesn't technically start till much later in March.  But, to me, when I hear the word March I think spring.  Last weekend was the opener for early trout fishing.  It felt so good to get outside despite the cooler temps.  The fishing was good but will get better as water temps rise.  Many native brook trout were caught with a spattering of browns as well, nothing huge this trip but it doesn't matter.  It only matters that March is here again.  March Madness is in the beginning stages with conference tournaments starting and soon after that Weed Man will be out treating lawns and helping them out of the doldrums of winter.  There is already a great buzz in the air in all four of our markets in Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford and the Fox Valley and it is going to be a great lawn care season.  We are in full swing in our marketing campaigns on foot and over the radio waves.  Oh, and I almost forgot, Thursday night at Red Lobster for my wife's birthday, her favorite.  Trout fishing, basketball, the start to the lawn care season and a birthday...

Yes, this month--March.  March is the best month of the year. 


  1. Hey,

    How goes it Weed-Man? That is a pretty Brown. I feel the same way. I officially end my winter the first Saturday of March. I was unable to get out on opening day, I was celebrating my 10 year anniversary. Glad to hear they were biting. By the time I got out on the streams they were pretty high. I took some pics the other day of how high the streams were. Posted on my Blog.

    What creeks do you frequent? I live on The Willow. The upper part of it. I like to hit all the streams here in Richland County. Nice pics and I look forward to seeing some more.

  2. Neat to meet you (online)! I frequent all over Richland, Crawford, Grant, Iowa, and Dane. The last few years I have fished quite a bit, but now with a 10 month old it will slow me a bit this year I imagine!