Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring Marketing Begins

It is that time of year again where Weed Man Lawn Care gears up with high school and college students to go door to door and spread the word of Weed Man Lawn Care.  Please expect to see a Weed Man employee sometime this spring.  We look forward to delivering the best lawn care in the industry again this season.

With the mild winter you should be thinking spring!  Your lawn is currently a bit confused here in the upper Midwest as some areas have been fully exposed to the sun and some areas are still under snow cover.
You should expect to see some confusing results as spring blossoms and some areas have been exposed to winter for some time, while other areas have had complete snow cover for for some time.  I would expect to see some severe snow mold issues in some areas and some other areas to jump right into spring.

If you would like more information about lawn care this spring or you have questions about issues on your lawn don't hesitate to contact me directly on my Google+ paghere or snoop around our site at

We will see you real soon.


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