Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Seeing Spots? Learn how to tell these two issues apart!

Seeing spots? Necrotic Ring and Dog Spot are common lawn ailments you should watch out for. See below for simple ways to identify these problems, and find solutions!
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Necrotic Ring, also known as "frog-eye", is often spotted on sodded lawns, but not exclusively. With soil compaction and improper maintenance, it is possible to see this condition on any lawn! Ensure that you are following proper mowing and watering practices in order to reduce the chance of this disease making an appearance on your lawn. For more information on Necrotic Ring, click HERE.

Dog Spot is a common issue for anyone with a canine companion. Dog urine is filled with salts (thus, containing nitrogen), and can cause 'burned' spots on a lawn. The best way to combat Dog Spot is to water down the area immediately after your dog has finished 'their business'. This will help to disperse salt concentrations within the urine, and reduce the chance of your lawn being 'burned'. If possible, try training your dog to make use of a designated area away from the lawn. For more information on Dog Spot, click HERE.

Hope you all are having a wonderful spring!


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